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iPad is a extraordinary and extra advantageous gadget developed by Apple Inc. It is a handy device which has many features which suits to the modern world. It has platform which the iPad can run and save contact, calendar, notes, emails, audios, videos, games, web contents and support ebook reding and many other interesting things. Since, it is a electronic device, it doesn’t gurantee for its perfection. It may get corrupted, suffer device malfunctions, data loss and other things. It doesn’t matter that what was the circumstances but if any of things happen you lose your valuable applications, files, musics etc. It is always better to take early precaution before any disease occur. I mean to say that for searching any solution after data loss it is better to take early protection(backup) which can help us in any unbearable circumstances. As a iPad user you need to know How to backup iPad calendar, notes, emails, photos and other important data, before any such situations. Some of the most demanding causes for backups are:

  • system failure
  • device corruption
  • application corruption
  • accidental data loss or system setting loss etc

Backup is always a good technique for one who uses technologies like iPad, iPhone, PC etc. As we are talking about iPad, the question arise that How to backup iPad? Apple gives us a local application inbuilt in iPad called iTunes. It handles the backups of our iPad device as per our system setting. You can use it while you are connecting your device with your PC. “Sync” option of iTunes do iPad backup for Mac or Windows and you can also backup it manually by right clicking “iPad device” under iTunes and select “make backup option”. Now, you can restore your loss from that backup. But, there is a another problem left which is you can’t make any backup for your media means for paid or free downloaded audios and videos. You are only limited to save iPad photos and other multimedia files like iPad settings, contacts, mails and calendar. You have to manually transfer your purchased content everytime when you need backup with transfer purchased option. Here, it is better for you to use something different which can do all iPad backup under one platform. A iPad backup software which is specially designed with all these needs can solve your problem in much efficient way. It has all the required option of How to backup iPad Notes, Contacts, Photos, Videos etc.

  • can backup all your system resources in a sudden
  • it hasn’t any limitation like iTunes
  • doesn’t need any prior guidance
  • can restore all system resources and doesn’t matter how old that respective backup was. etc.

User Guide-For Windows

  • Download and install the application on Your PC
  • Now Connect your iPad to your Windows PC.
  • The files that you want to create backup select them.
  • Now click on the Export- for exporting to local option in the file menu. Else click on the export checked files to the local button.
  • Select the location of the files where to want to save it for that click on save

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