How To Backup My Computer

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How To Backup My Computer is a question that everyone asks. Many people are turning to secure online storage because of the accessibility they have to their files from anywhere in the world.

Did You Know?

  • A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds
  • All hard drives will crash during their lifetime
  • More than 1 in 10 laptops will be stolen in their lifetime
  • Every year, 43% of computer users lose their music, photos, documents, and more.

Have you been looking for a safe company? One that has a proven record and has the badges to prove it?

How To Backup My Computer

You have come to the right place to learn How To Backup My Computer. It is very easy and cost effective at the same time. Learning how to backup my computer can be done in 3 easy steps.

“How To Backup My Computer” in 3 Steps

  • Get a free account today
  • Download the application
  • Set it and forget it

Don’t risk losing years worth of family photos, home videos, or emails.

  • FREE Computer Backup -A Complete Computer Backup.
  • Access Files anytime and anywhere.
  • 100% Automated Backups – Your computer will be automatically backed up to the schedule you set.
  • Unlimited Storage – A benefit and advantage that many service providers don’t have.
  • Secure by Encryption – All your files are encrypted just like the banks do.
  • Sync Multiple Computers – Fast transfer of files between computers.
  • Versioning – Allows you to restore your existing files. This is an excellent security feature against computer viruses that manipulate current file versions.
  • Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly schedule options are available.
  • The automatic backup will happen without you even realizing or having to do anything.
  • You know when they have successfully completed a backup, so you can rest easily knowing that your data is safe and secure.
  • You can change backup schedule by using their friendly desktop application or the simple and easy online Control Panel.

How To Backup My Computer

What you Get:

  • Free Trial 14 days
  • Storage Space Unlimited
  • Supported Operating System Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Price From $4.95 per Month
  • Versioning 7, 30 or unlimited days
  • Multiple Computers Yes
  • Remote File Access Yes
  • 24/7 Live Technical Support

How To Backup My Computer

So, now that you know the facts and why you should backup your computer, click on any image and you will learn How To Backup My Computer.

A peep into computer software

Many people have a notion that the Operating System (OS) is the only software in their PCs. If you’ve the same notion, then I must say that you’re going into the wrong direction. Apart from the OS, many types of software in a computer work side by side to provide you with your desired results. Essentially, computer software can be divided into three main categories as per their usage and application. Though there are several types of computer softwares available in the computing industry, programming software, system software and application software are the three main types of computer software used in computer networking. Softwares basically help you interact with and customize your PC. Application software: We, the normal users, hardly interact with the operating system or work with it. However, all of us are very well known with application software that we use in order to interact with our computers. Some renowned examples of application software includes Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). In our daily lives, we make use of these applications widely. Apart from the MS Office, there are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that we often use to connect with the www.

System software:

System software or the Operating System (OS) is the software that the computer basically uses. OS is used to translate different inputs from different sources into binary language so that the machine can understand. Actually, the operating system of a computer just synchronizes with many hardware parts of a computer. Today, there is a bagful of operating systems available in the market and among them; Windows from the home of Microsoft is undoubtedly the most used and recommended. However, some other OSs like UNIX and LINUX are also used by various corporations these days.

Programming software:

Programming softwares are exclusively used by smart users, basically computer programmers. If you’re not a computer geek, it’s not easy for you to understand programming software. Programming software is simply a tool that is used to build application softwares and operating systems. Java, C++ and Simlab are some of the common and mostly used programming softwares. Usually, Java is used to develop internet applications. Most professional computer developers make use of C++ and is used to develop operating systems. There is another well-known language called PHP, which is basically used to develop internet applications.

Driver software:

Apart from the three basic computer softwares, there is a special type of software known as drivers or driver software. This type of software allows specific hardware to work. For instance, a video driver program is required for the operating system to use your PC’s specific graphics hardware.

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