How to Backup Wii Games

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No one likes to buy his or her Wii games twice because of a scratched/damaged disk.  It’s costly and down right annoying handing over the cash for a game you have already paid for. Have you ever found yourself refusing to lend games to friends because you know they are likely to come back in worse condition than they left?  That will all change when you learn how to backup Wii games. Since learning how to back up Wii games me and my friends have found that our game collections have also grown immeasurably.  Not only do we have a full disc copy of all our games as well as our friend’s games, we also have a full hard disk copy.This allows us to run all our Wii games off and external drive, we no longer need to insert any discs. As a result all our original games are in immaculate condition and when a friend asks to borrow a game you just give them a copied disc, no need to worry about what sort of condition it comes back in, or if it ever comes back.  All our Wii disk problems have been solved. How did we do this? The answer is that we found a brilliant application that has helped us get the most out of our Wii, and all for $29.95. That application was Game Copy Pro.

The Best Software to Back up Wii games

Game Copy Pro is the most reliable software available if you want to learn how to backup Wii games.  It comes with everything you need to backup Wii games including any software mods needed to install on your Wii. What impressed me most about this application is that it works for every console on the market.  I have now used it to backup all my games from my PS3 and Xbox 360 – It creates perfect 1:1 backups of all your disks.

The process was incredibly easy, all I needed to do was:

  1. Download and install the application.
  2. Insert the disk you wish to copy into your PC or Mac.
  3. Game Copy Pro creates a backup onto which ever drive you desire.
  4. If you want to burn that backup to disk, you simply then insert a blank DVD and burn as you would any other disk, otherwise you just plug your USB hard disk into your Wii.

Game Copy Pro leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering a ‘one stop’ product to get the most out of your console. Legally backup Wii games and never worry about damaged disks again. Never again turn your bedroom upside down looking for that one game you want to play, instead have every game at your fingertips with USB hard disk storage. Expand your games collection with ease by copying your friend’s games or simply rent them from your local video store and make yourself a copy. Download Free games, game add-ons, music, and videos all from the comfort of your home with Game Copy Pro’s Bonus service.

Game Copy Pro gives you all the features and support you need to learn how to backup Wii games:

  • Backup Wii games to Hard disk or CD/DVDs
  • Copy all game disk features
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect 1:1 disk image clone
  • Supports almost all manufacturer media drives
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • No quality loss on sound and video
  • Free games, music and movies downloads
  • ALL software mods needed to get ANY console recognising non original discs
  • No hardware modifications needed
  • Unbeatable support from their comprehensive members section
  • Step by step instructions including video tutorials.

Game Copy Pro is a must have tool for all gamers, from the ‘sometimes’ gamer to the full-on fanatic.

House of the Dead: Overkill – An Honest Account

Ah, the House of the Dead series. You either love it or you hate it. House of the Dead games have been around since the 90’s and still to this day they’re an arcade favourite. 2009 saw the release of House of the Dead: Overkill, but was it just another piece of “shovelware”, or was it a defining moment for the series?

How it Rolls:

The plot takes place in the year 1991 when a Special Agent and a Samuel L. Jackson inspired character are both sent to Louisiana to track down a renowned crime lord, only to find the town is overrun with flesh eating mutants – typical House of the Dead, I know! The story doesn’t progress that much more apart from the fact that you’re desperately trying to hunt down this crime lord whilst facing off against hoards of mutants. You’ll typically get through the game quite fast as it only has 7 chapters, but it’s definitely a step up from previous House of the Dead games.

Get Gaming:

House of the Dead: Overkill is definitely a world away from the lighthearted family-friendly games we’re all used to on the Nintendo Wii and is definitely not intended for children. This becomes apparent the more you the play the game as curse words will be used in every other sentence and gore is literally a constant thing. Much like its predecessors, the game is an on-rails shooter where you have to put as many bullets as you can in enemies. Overkill is spiced up by allowing you to pick off body parts and save civilians a lot more easily than in previous titles. Shooting is also way more accurate now and there are plenty of things to collect along the way. Weapons are upgradable by collecting points and converting them to cash, this gives you an excuse to finish the game more than once and provides you with an array of assault options. You’ll also unlock a director’s cut mode after your first play through, which lets you play longer versions of previous levels with much more difficult monsters to contend with.

 The Looks:

 The graphics aren’t really anything to write home about, but it’s the way each cutscene is sold to you that makes the game so incredible. It has an essence of Tarantino that you really can’t help but admire. The character models were influenced from real life actors, supermodels and Stephen Hawking and this is one game that proves you don’t need to sport luscious visuals to achieve something great.

The Sounds:

Remember older House of the Dead games and how awful the dialogue once was? Well, thankfully House of the Dead: Overkill doesn’t suffer from the same issue. In fact most scenes will actually have you laughing out loud since each character has a unique personality. The music is really awesome too and definitely compliments the atmosphere the game tries to give off.

The Negs:

Unfortunately, boss battles in this game are more or less a walk in the park, especially when you’ve powered up your weapons. In fact, the game itself isn’t very challenging and the constant ‘F’ words used by Detective Washington can grow a little tiring. Aside from these small gripes, House of the Dead: Overkill is an extremely enjoyable game.

The Truth:

House of the Dead: Overkill is by far the best game in the series and probably the best on-rails shooter there is. It’s an absolute pleasure to play through and will have you in stitches within five minutes! Needless to say, if you’re looking for a decent Wii game that isn’t complete shovelware, House of the Dead: Overkill is just what the doctor ordered.

Sonic Colors – Back To His True Colors

It pretty much goes without saying that over the past few years Sonic games have gone through a rough patch. Since the speedster leapt into next generation gaming in 2006, gameplay, storyline and characters have managed to ruin what was once a respectable franchise. The blue blur returned in 2010 with Sonic Colors, but did it have what it takes to get our speedy little hero back on his feet? Let’s find out;


Much like all Sonic games out there, Sonic Colors follows a far-fetched plot revolving around Dr. Eggman, kidnapping, special powers and plenty of action. This particular story sees Dr. Eggman opening up an outer space theme park, stealing innocent little creatures known as wisps and attempting to build some sort of mind controlling cannon – ultimately meaning the end of the world, again. Of course Sonic isn’t just going to stand around and let this happen so he sets out on a mission to free the wisps from Eggman’s slavery and foil these evil plans. It’s a fun story to follow, but it definitely shouldn’t be taken too seriously since it is a Sonic game after all. Thankfully, Sonic Colors lacks supporting cast members which usually ruin the games. Instead the attention is given to our blue hero and his trusty companion Tails, which in turn sends the story back to its roots and becomes a brilliant adventure once again.


By nodding its head to its classic platforming ancestors, Sonic Colors created an interchanging perspective in gameplay which took next generation Sonic to a whole new level. By implementing good old fashioned platform hopping with the crazy, in-your-face speed we’ve grown to either love or hate, the game offers more than enough variation. Collecting different coloured wisps also add to the flavour to the game as they each grant Sonic a unique temporary ability such as drilling, bouncing off surfaces or spinning along ceilings. Gaining new wisp abilities will also allow you re-visit earlier stages and explore unseen areas. One thing to note is the unbelievable difficulty of the game. Not because it’s broken and not because it’s controlled using your wiimote, but simply because it’s designed to test your patience. There will be times where you will want to smash up your console, but in the end you’ll applaud the game for not giving you straightforward without-a-moment’s-thought gameplay!


 Sonic Colors is without a doubt one of the most aesthetically pleasing Nintento Wii games of 2010. Bursting with vivid colouring, incredibly detailed backgrounds and wonderfully designed character animation, it goes without saying that graphical quality has reached an entirely new platform.


 Of course, with any Sonic game, you have to be prepared for the Saturday morning cheesy dialogue. Since the game is designed for younger fans as well as older, we can safely let that little annoyance slip. Thankfully, the Happy Tree Friends influence to the game is soon overlooked when you listen to the games brilliant soundtrack.


At times, some of the level designing can be a little overwhelming and frustrating, usually resulting in a few cheap deaths followed by frame rate issues. Aside from that minor flaw, the game is pretty much outstanding in every way possible!


Sonic Colours is a wonderful game with a lot of fun to be had whilst playing. Gameplay has improved immensely and although voice acting is a little corny, it is bearable unlike previous titles. There is a co-operative mode available, but if anything, it lets the game down since two Sonic’s on one screen just doesn’t work. Sonic Colours will definitely present you with a refreshing challenge that even veteran players will struggle with, however this shouldn’t hinder the game at all since it then provides you with a feeling of accomplishment. So did our mighty blue friend get back on his feet? Definitely!

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