Top 3 Nintendo Wii RPG’s

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The Nintendo Wii is renowned for its family orientated games and abundance of children’s games. However, those of you with a taste for all things swords, magic and story may be in for a treat as the Nintendo Wii offers some of the greatest modern day RPG’s around.  Not surprising as it was Nintendo who housed some of the very best RPG’s around back in the day of the SNES! For a look at the top 3 RPG’s found on the Nintendo Wii, just keep reading;

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors

Much like any other Square Enix game, Dragon Quest is set in a fantasy world where everyone has spiffy hair-do’s and giant swords. You essentially step into the shoes of a young sixteen year old boy named Blade who like all Avalonia’s warriors must undergo a trial of strength to become considered a true warrior. Without giving away too much of the plot, you will adventure across lands and battle the hordes of evil, slay Xiphos and unravel the mystery surrounding the tower of mirrors. The great thing about this game is that it’s first person and utilizes that good old fashioned rail feature – so it’s like the Sega Saturn’s Shining of the Holy Ark, but better! Despite monsters always appearing in set positions, battles do have a random encounter feel to them and once thrust into the fighting your Wiimote will then be used as a sword. Of course battles are also spiced up by assigning trusty party members to perform magic attacks or heal you. The game is quite straightforward but it has awesome little side quests you can do and even allows you to go back to previous parts of the game and change your rank as well as get more items for upgrading your weapons. As if that wasn’t good enough, you can also explore parts of the game that you may have missed due to the options that arise throughout its entirety. On the whole, Dragon Quest made it into the top 3 RPG’s because of its sheer addictive gameplay, Japanese feel and it almost feels like a modern day Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn Of The New World

The ‘Tales Of’ series has always been mighty successful and there is a reason Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn Of The New World is almost like gold dust on the Wii – because it’s absolutely brilliant! The game is a direct sequel to Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube and features brand new characters that carry on the events that took place back in the days of Lloyd Irving. The game takes off as Emil discovers his parents murdered, supposedly by the very hero from the previous game. Escaping the event known as the Blood Purge, Emil is given no choice but to go and live with his aunt and uncle. Years pass by and Emil’s world is turned upside down as he saves a young girl named Marta from the evil Richter. Upon doing this, Emil learns all about the revival Ratatosk and so embarks on a journey filled with just as much adventure as the previous game! Mixing anime styled graphics with a fantastic soundtrack and brilliant voice acting, Dawn of the New World is easily one of the greatest JRPG’s to date. Everything about the game is pretty much the same to the original in terms of gameplay and the only real major difference is the replacement of the free roaming world map. This is excellent news as it’s the traditional gameplay which sets it apart from other turn based RPG’s out there. All in all, if you want fun, plenty of adventure and a compelling story, then you need to play Tales of Symphonia: Dawn Of The New World!

Xenoblade Chronicles

There was no way Xenoblade Chronicles was going to be left out of the top 3! It is considered to be one of the best RPG’s on the Nintendo Wii and after sinking your teeth into it, you will soon see why! The story follows an orphan boy named Shulk who appears to be the only one capable of wielding a weapon called Monado. After his home colony is attacked by a large fleet of Mechon, he seeks to exact his revenge and sets off on a journey that easily has you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. The great thing about Xenoblade Chronicles is that it isn’t as linear as your typical RPG. You can frequently wonder away from the beaten track and explore new and exciting side quests as well as defeat all the big bad secret bosses that give you a sense of achievement. The other awesome thing about the game is its battle system. Much like White Knight Chronicles crossed between Final Fantasy XII, you are faced with choosing the right moves at the right times which is made easier using Shulk’s Monado! Fantastic character designs, beautiful scenery, addictive story and incredible gameplay, what more could you possibly want from a decent RPG?! Don’t worry about backing up Wii games with these ones, pay the money for originals. Oh and if all that didn’t impress you, how about the fact that there are absolutely no save points! You can literally save anywhere in the game – making life a whole lot easier.

Why We Will Always Remember the Wii

Throughout video gaming history, consoles have primarily been designed for twenty something males who either still lived at home with their parents or just generally had a taste for some ultra violence. Nintendo clearly saw a gap in the market and released the Nintendo Wii which evidently removed the cliché names such as “geek” and “nerd” and opened up gaming to a wider audience. Sure, the Nintendo Wii certainly doesn’t have the most heart pounding games out there, but what it does have is games to suit an audience of just about any age, gender or lifestyle! Owning a Nintendo Wii has now become like owning a DVD player – everyone has one! So despite a console war raging on between Microsoft and Sony who are competing for the world’s greatest motion sensing console, sales for the Nintendo Wii still skyrocket beyond them. Of course hardcore Nintendo fans from the 90’s weren’t too pleased with a high percentage of the games aimed at families, nor were they receptive to the “shovelware”. However, the fact that the Nintendo Wii brings families together can only be a good thing right? I mean come on, there is nothing stopping you from using the Nintendo Wii’s backwards compatibility to play some awesome Gamecube games or even purchase some of the Wii’s more “grown up” games such as the Call of Duty’s and Resident Evil’s. In fact there are over five hundred games on the Nintendo Wii to choose from, so it’s not like you’re stuck for choice on what to play. RPG’s, adventure, sports, you name it and the Wii has it! Not bad for a console primarily aimed at “family entertainment” with advertising campaigns featuring elderly folks playing sport games and groups of kids dancing together! Nintendo were of course the first guys to shock the world with motion control. Such a thing was only dreamed of and if the Wii hadn’t come into existence then Microsoft and Sony would never have jumped on the bandwagon. Not to mention the fact that the Nintendo Wii was the very first console to actually let you browse the world wide web on your television set (Dream Arena doesn’t count as it was just a barren online network for the Dreamcast). One thing I think we can all appreciate whether you are Wii fan or not, is the fact that Sonic and Mario have been seen in the same games. Such a thing would never have happened during the 90’s when Sega and Nintendo were at each others throats (Nintendo won by the way). Unlike many other consoles which require a certain amount of dedication to games to actually get anywhere and have huge levels of rivalry even between groups of friends, the Wii is a slice of lighthearted entertainment that everybody can enjoy. Most games can be played in the doses less seasoned gamers will be able to enjoy before wanting to move on to something else. Twenty minutes on the Wii and you will have achieved what would take about four hours on any other console. This makes the Wii great for non committal gamers that want a bit of entertainment and fast. Of course there are games you can play for longer periods of time, but it’s nice to have the option to switch on and off when you choose instead of endlessly battling your way through the save points. Appealing to all different types of people the Wii console is revolutionary and although it won’t be the top rung of the technology ladder it still provides a hit of fun that few seem able to resist. This is the go to console for people who enjoy good, clean fun and want to be able to pick and choose what they are playing and who they want to be playing it with. Whatever your gaming style the Wii promises entertainment for everyone and who could really ask for more than that?

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