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In case you are using the application on an Android phone, you can have it save your messages in Google Drive. Note that WhatsApp does not use start-to-end encryption to move your records from your phone to Google Drive. In case you need to familiarize yourself with distributed storage management, see our Google Drive survey and our Google Drive control. To set up scheduled Google Drive reinforcements, you must log in to your Google account on your phone, submit Google Play and have enough free space to reinforce. When you’ve done that, explore the equivalent “conversation booster” menu as in the past and choose the capture that says “go back to Google Drive.” You can configure WhatsApp as a booster for Google Drive when you press the “backup” button or as a booster every day, week by week or month by month.

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a well-known informative application used throughout the world. Send messages through the web, so they do not mean something negative for your top messenger, which is useful in case you do not have an unlimited agreement. In addition, it allows you to make phone calls and video calls, which means you can skip having a phone plan inside and out if each of your contacts uses WhatsApp. You can also share records of up to 100 MB with different contacts on WhatsApp, which makes it an adaptable correspondence application. The application has begun to finish the encryption, which sounds great, however, it is owned by Facebook, and in general, the organization likes to meddle with its own information. In case you are looking for other secure options progressively, see our article on instant message encoding.

The most effective method to backup and restore WhatsApp chat history in 2020

You may have heard lately that it will never be possible to reinforce WhatsApp visits. While that is not so obvious, WhatsApp is making changes in the way reinforcements work, so if you need to protect your discussions, you will have to make two or three proactive advances. WhatsApp reported that reinforcements of visits saved to Google Drive that have not been used in more than a year will be deleted as of November 12, 2018. While it may seem like a terrible deal, your WhatsApp messages will not represent a brand against him The Google Drive storage drive moves on. However, WhatsApp will continue to reinforce your messages naturally in case you have it configured to do so as such, so that your future messages will be protected. That implies that you may have to make a move to save old messages, however, you probably won’t be interested in the possibility that WhatsApp, which has Facebook, offers its private messages to Google, which has also gained notoriety for curious essays of information . We are demonstrating how to reinforce messages on your phone and Google Drive, reset messages, protect your old messages from deletion and give Google Drive options for a progressively safe encounter.

WhatsApp support

In case you need to reinforce WhatsApp just because, open it and go to the menu, click on “settings”, “visits”, then “conversation reinforcement”.


You will see a capture that says “back off”. Clicking on it will reinforce your messages. WhatsApp will try to save your reinforcements on your SD card first in case you have one.  In case you don’t, it will save messages on your hard drive. Consequently, WhatsApp will make reinforcements at 2 a.m.


You can also decide to let WhatsApp reinforce your messages via WiFi and cell phone or feed it to work as such through WiFi. Keep in mind that each new reinforcement programmed in Google Drive overwrites the last one, along these lines, in case you delete something wrongly, you must reset your messages before the next reinforcement replaces the one you need.

Reset WhatsApp Messages

To reset your WhatsApp messages from a booster, you must uninstall and reinstall the application. From that moment, when you have opened it and verified your phone number, you will be prompted to restore your visits from Google Drive. Simply press the “reset” button that appears. Also, WhatsApp saves the last seven days of reinforcements to your phone. If you use an SD card, you can discover it in an envelope called “WhatsApp / databases”. If you don’t, you’ll see them in an organizer with a similar name in your internal storage. WhatsApp reinforcements use the names of the accompanying documents: msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12. Recognize the reinforcement you need for the date, then change the name of the file to “msgstore.db.crypt12” by deleting the data of the center date. That allows WhatsApp to realize that it needs to reset that document. The .crypt12 expansion is the most current in a long arrangement of types of records WhatsApp has used. In the event that you have not used the application at any time, there is a possibility that, in any case, you are using a more experienced version. In the event that this is the situation, you may discover that the registry is .crypt11 or .crypt10. Try not to transform it into .crypt12. Leave it as you discover or WhatsApp will not have the option to understand it. When you have found and renamed the document, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp and tap the “reset” button when it appears.

Saving old WhatsApp messages

In case you have backed up your messages with Google Drive and have not used the application in more than one year from November 12, 2018, Google will delete your reinforcement document. In case you need to save, you will have to do it physically. To get started, sign in to your Google account, at that time Google Drive. Explore your WhatsApp reinforcement document, at that point, right click on it. Click on “make a duplicate”. A second form of the document will appear. You can move it to another area in Google Drive to make sure it is not deleted or download it in your work area by right clicking and selecting “download”. You can do something similar using the Google Drive application on your phone. Why you should use a different backup service The problem with saving your messages in your work area is that you are inclined to similar problems that all the records on your PC experience. The moment your hard drive falls short, they will disappear for eternity. You could use Google Drive to solve that, however, then you are opening your messages for Google to investigate. In the same way, you could lose quick access to your messages in case you change the frameworks, since you cannot access your Google Drive records so effectively on non-Android phones. In case you need the security and hosting of distributed storage with the genuine feelings of serenity that arise from using an organization that does not examine your information, we have some recommendations. We have chosen three of our best online reinforcement providers that will make working with WhatsApp less demanding.

I drive

IDrive is an extraordinary alternative for people who need to put their WhatsApp messages in distributed storage. You can reinforce unlimited devices with a solitary membership, which means you can protect everything on your phone, just like your work area. You can obtain a free 5 GB registration with the organization to attempt administration before focusing on a monthly plan. While IDrive is not the least demanding cloud reinforcement framework to use, it compensates for it with decent cost and incredible highlights, for example, reinforcement and non-stop training, which allows you to move documents to a past state. In addition, it retains up to 10 previous variants of the documents it has saved, which makes it stronger than nearby WhatsApp reinforcements. IDrive also scrambles records with 256-piece AES, which protects them safe from prying eyes. In case you need to familiarize yourself with IDrive, read our IDrive survey.


Backblaze is another acceptable option to back up your WhatsApp records. Paid assistance accompanies unlimited capacity, so you will never run out of space, regardless of the number of records you reinforce. You can try using the free 15-day preliminary. Backblaze only has a paid level, which costs $ 5 each month, except you can save cash by getting a couple of annual plans. After all, you only get reinforcement for a gadget, so you’re stuck between a rock and a difficult place in case you need to strengthen your PC too. You can familiarize yourself with the administration in our BackBlaze survey.

Acronis True Image

Our third choice to sponsor your WhatsApp documents is Acronis True Image. It has phenomenal Android and iOS applications, which simplifies the reinforcement of documents from your phone. It also incorporates a cloning device that is useful for relocating documents to another cell phone. Two prominent highlights are Acronis Notary, which uses blockchain innovation to ensure that its reinforcements remain lucid, and Active Protection, which filters its records for ransomware hints. You can try Acronis with a free 30-day preliminary trial. Plans start at $ 49.99 for a gadget. In case you want to familiarize yourself with it, our Acronis True Image survey covers administration from start to finish.

Last thoughts

There are numerous quick and simple approaches to reinforce and restore your WhatsApp information, but that does not mean they are equally protected. If you do not need Facebook or Google to have unsubstantiated access to your private messages, it is justified, despite all the problems to put resources in a framework of reinforcement in the cloud that will keep your information secured. It can cost you a little more than you want, however, the significant serenity you get when you realize that your data is safe is an advantage that is difficult to cost. Double in case they work together exchanges or information through WhatsApp.

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